“I first met Jennifer over 15 years ago when she was hired as an underwriter at Kemper Insurance. Since that time I watched and worked with Jennifer in various capacities, as she advanced from a junior Underwriter in New York to a Managing Consultant in Chicago. Throughout that time Jennifer rose to each new challenge and created a reputation for developing creative solutions, good technical know how and having a strong customer service focus.

Later I became a client of Jennifer’s when she was an Underwriter for Swiss Re. In this role, I experienced the delivery of timely, technically skilled responses to a myriad of exposures. I found a true partner for my business needs. I knew I could depend on Jennifer to help create solutions and manage the delivery of her part of my final product.

I highly recommend Jennifer as Client Executive or Account Manager as she has proven to excel in this capacity in various industries, in numerous cities and different levels over the many years that I have know her.”

David S. Kelly CPCU, ARM, AIM
Vice President, US Risk Management
XL Insurance

“After becoming a regular visitor to Jennifer’s ‘Designed to Inspire’ website, we made ‘virtual contact’ in the Fall of 2006. Shortly thereafter, I recruited Jennifer to become involved in several key projects at Worldbridges. These included providing instructional design support for our CMS Academy and becoming the coordinator and co-host of the EdTechWeekly webcast on the EdTechTalk channel of the WorldBridges webcasting network. Jennifer approaches every project with an easy going professionalism that makes working with her both productive and enjoyable.

Worldbridges is a community of communities that includes an unconventional commercial structure, a developing non-profit component, and innovative use of emergent technologies. In all of these aspects of building and managing Worldbridges, I have come to rely on Jennifer’s input and skills. I trust in her in ability to understand an issue in all of its complexity, provide useful insight, and successfully complete any task she takes on.”

Jeff Lebow

“I had the privilege of working with Jennifer at Swiss Re. In her role as Associate Product Line manager, Jennifer coordinated numerous internal and external projects in addition to her regular responsibilities. Jennifer’s dedication, team oriented spirit and creativity resulted in great contributions to the operations. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer.

Thomas Lee
Actuary and Senior Manager, Actuarial Services

“My first introduction to Jennifer was through the EdTechTalk Weekly podcast. Each week, I would listen to Jennifer’s new educational technology tips, tricks, and tools. I will continue to look to her as a leader in educational technology and an excellent resource for new creative ways to use technology in various levels of education.

In addition, Jennifer was in my r541, Introduction to Production and Development course. During this course, Jennifer would always begin with a thorough analysis that carefully considered the audience, content, and learning goals. She consistently selected appropriate media, tools, and learning objects to design and develop high-quality instructional materials. In this course, Jennifer consistently set the bar with her attention to detail and diligent effort.

She has also recently been a teaching assistant in one of our graduate online courses, helping design more innovative activities and methods for our online environment. The students all value and respect her contributions to our class. Furthermore, she is assisting with a presentation at the Center for Open Source Learning center discussing the various Web 2.0 and open source tools we have incorporated into our online environment.

I continue to see Jennifer’s high-level commitment and energy as she has taken on a new instructional design project for our department. She is solely constructing a “boot camp” for Indiana University’s Instructional Systems Technology Distance Education graduate students to prepare them to engage in an online program. I will continue to look for opportunities to work with Jennifer; she is a skilled instructional designer and her ideas are an asset to any learning environment.”

Anne Todd Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Instructional Systems Technology
Indiana University – Bloomington

“I started my underwriting career working for Jennifer. What was great about working with Jennifer, particularly when I was in a position where I needed to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, was that one, she was tremendously knowledgeable about the subject matter, and two, she worked with you in such a way that with her guidance you discovered the answers yourself, instead of being told the answers. I’m sure it would have been easier and less time consuming for Jennifer to just provide the answer, but she was committed to providing that extra time for someone to really learn the skills necessary to be successful at the job. Jennifer was also great at giving you just enough room to stretch and go out on a limb through the learning process, but was always there to back you up and keep you on target, in order to make sure that while you were learning, you were also making sound business decisions.

Underwriting is an industry where attention to detail is paramount, however, focusing solely on the details can be debilitating at times, in that too much focus can be devoted towards minutia without proper perspective towards the big picture. Jennifer always encouraged us to never lose sight of the big picture while working through these details. For me, this is something that I have taken with me throughout my career and try and pass along to other underwriters.”

Ben Rockwell
Regional Practice Leader, Chubb Commercial & Technology Insurance Specialty
Chubb & Son

“I hired Jennifer as a Senior Underwriter at Swiss Re America. Providing quick and comprehensive solutions for clients, Jennifer was able to exceed expectations and production goals. Her focus on delivering superior services and results to clients enabled her to develop and foster strong and lasting client relationships. Jennifer coordinated many internal and external training seminars and client functions. Jennifer’s marketing and client management skills are an asset to any organization aiming to deliver high quality services to clients in a timely manner. ”

Daniel Soller
Senior Vice President
Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation