As an instructional designer specializing in online learning, Jennifer focuses on ways to facilitate learning through effective and efficient uses of educational technology. A sample of Jennifer’s instructional design initiatives (some old, some new) are highlighted here:

Designers for Learning

Overview: Jennifer founded the Designers for Learning platform to connect instructional designers with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in need of instructional products and services to support their operations. The purpose of Designers for Learning is (a) to provide nonprofits with instructional design products that improve performance, and (b) to provide instructional design students real-world experience to develop their skills.

Educational Technology Webcasts

Webcasts on

Overview: EdTechWeekly (at is a weekly live interactive webcast broadcast on the channel of the Worldbridges webcasting network. As a co-host since 2006 with Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, and John Schinker, Jennifer researches current news stories related to education and technology, tests new resources to support learning, and presents reviews during the weekly live webcast. Participants in the live webcast are invited to join the live conversation and to share their bookmarked web links. Nearly 10,000 education and technology related items have been indexed within the EdTechTalk and repositories. Listeners either participate live or download the recorded webcasts.

Educational Technology Website and Blog

Overview: Jennifer has maintained a web site since 2005 dedicated to her ongoing review of educational technology and online learning topics. Thousands of viewers have visited her web site and blog and many have become virtual colleagues within an informal online community of professional educators. The web site catalogues hundreds of resources to support online learning and the integration of technology in educational settings.

Networking with Live Interactive Media

State University of New York (SUNY) Online Learning Summit
by Jeff Lebow and Jennifer Maddrell

Overview: This presentation was delivered during the 2008 SUNY Online Learning Summit in Albany, NY. It highlights means to create learning and professional development networks using live interactive media.

Educating Educators Using Open Educational Resources

Open Education 2007 Conference at Utah State University
by Dr. Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich and Jennifer Maddrell

Overview: This presentation was delivered during the Open Education 2007 Conference at Utah State University in Logan, UT. It highlights instructional methods to support learning using open educational resources within adult and higher education courses. Methods for incorporating open educational resources within instructional presentation, learner practice, and feedback are discussed.

Using the Drupal Content Management System to Support Online Environments

Indiana University Instructional Systems Technology 2007 Conference Presentation

Overview: This one hour workshop highlights the use of the Drupal content management system to support personal and collaborative online environments. Drupal is open source web based software that facilitates web site development and online content management. The target audience for this workshop includes those who are unfamiliar with Drupal, but are interested in creating, supporting or using a personal or collaborative online environment. The workshop provides a high level overview of available features and processes involved with Drupal based web site development, data creation, content storage, and information sharing. The presentation covers basic aspects of the Drupal web site development process, key Drupal content management capabilities, examples of Drupal based online environments, and the steps necessary to begin a basic Drupal installation.

Teaching and Learning with Technology (Oldie, but a goodie)

Media Guide for Students

Overview: This Media Guide was developed for a seminar entitled Teaching with Technology. The seminar is geared toward instructors and provides an introduction to the various technologies available for training. The Media Guide is used during a section of the seminar that focuses on the latest generation of web based resources available for training. The seminar highlights the features and instructional uses of a range of web based tools and provides a high level overview of how to begin trying the tools. During the seminar, an exploration of the training application ideas is covered and a demonstration of the use of each type of web based resource is given by the facilitator.

Early Online Learning Environment (Oldie, but a goodie)

Drupal CMS Academy Design Prototype

Overview: The Drupal CMS Academy is on online collaborative learning environment for those interested in learning how to use the Drupal content management system. The Academy supports learners as they maximize their performance in the installation, administration and customization of a Drupal web installation. In this individual project, Jennifer worked with the client to identify and prioritize the instructional topics to be offered, recommend a design framework for the online learning environment, and create an online prototype to demonstrate the design recommendations.

Early Wiki Based Learning Module (Oldie, but a goodie)


Overview: Wikiversity is a wiki based project created to support the development of free learning materials and lessons. It is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation which also hosts Wikipedia, the popular wiki based encyclopedia. As part of a team of instructional design students, Jennifer adapted an existing web based module developed by Dr. Charles Reigeluth into a Wikiversity lesson. The lesson incorporates presentation, practice, and feedback elements within the wiki environment. It includes embedded video demonstrations which Jennifer produced.

Early Online Learning Course (Oldie, but a goodie)

Life Skills Course

Overview: This online module was designed and developed to be part of a mandatory life skills course for high school freshman. Within this lesson, a detailed overview of the concepts and processes involved in completing laundry is covered. The online module concludes with a short scored multiple choice assessment designed to assess the student’s comprehension of the required concepts and skills.

Early Online Training (Oldie, but a goodie)

Webcast Academy

Overview: This self-paced online training module was designed and developed to provide instruction in core webcasting skills. The online training is augmented with live webcasted training sessions in small groups with an experience webcaster acting as trainer. At the conclusion of this module, exercises assess each learner’s ability to utilize all of the core skills and technologies covered in the module, including how to:

  • Conference: Set up and facilitate a telephony conference call with two or more people.
  • Record: Record the audio from the telephony conference of two or more people.
  • Post: Post an MP3 audio recording of a telephony conference of two or more people on the Webcast Academy web site as a recorded webcast or podcast.